The Mulligans


St. Mulligan's
Mens Golf Group1


Emails are sent to our registered members each week to determine who wants to play and to post the course, and tee times. To join us click on the link below

Bill Sandoval Tees Off

Bill Sandoval Tees Off 2

Mike Paquette Tees Off

Mike Paquette Tees Off 3

Who is Saint Mulligan

St. Mulligan is the patron saint of hooks, slices, tops, drubs, and three putts. Each Thursday brave men from our regional parishes risk life and limb, and almost certain public humiliation, to pay homage to this most honored Saint of Mercy. You, too, can honor this most noble of saints. Join these brave crusaders in their eternal battle against evil yips, shanks, and demonic bogey possession.

About Us

Players, and friends, from all area parishes are invited. Participants should be reasonably proficient at the game and able to maintain the pace of play. Click on the link to the left if you want to play with a great group where community and camaraderiepar is par for the course!

Golf and Social Events

We also participate in local tournaments such as the Sacred Heart Golf Tournament, the World's Largest Golf Outing for Veterans, and other events. Approximatelt once a month the group goes out to dinner (with wives or friends) at a local restaurant. This has proven to be a well attended and very enjoyable event.

Robert Hinson Tees Off On 17

Robert Hinson Tees Off On 17 4

Paul Andrade Tees Off On 16

Paul Andrade Tees Off On 16 5

Old Tom Morris

Old Tom Morris 6

Paul Andrade Watches Approach on 13

Paul Andrade's approach on 13 7

Paul Andrade Watches Putt on 18

Paul Andrade Watches Putt on 18 8

Bill Sanchez

Bill Sanchez 9

Current Schedule

Date Event Tee Time Location
Each Thursday 18 Holes 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Usually Antelope Hills