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Council Development Initiative

Re-investing in Fr. McGivney's Mission
A spiritual plan to re-energize our council

At the August meeting (2017), Council 8386 launched an initiative designed to re-energize their council. The program focuses on Spiritual and Formational Development, and increasing the Fraternal Brotherhood of its members. The initiative was outlined in a booklet entitled "Re-investing in Fr. McGivney's Mission. A spiritual plan to re-energize our council."

The program was launched by an enthuastic vote of council members. After it's initial launch, surveys were conducted to determine specific directions and needs, member partnerships were created to increase participation, build teamwork, and provide support, and leaders stepped forward to head the Spiritual Development, Formation Development, and Brotherhood Programs. Various speakers were engaged for presentations at council meetings, social activities initiated, and council retreats were planned and implemented.

Now, several monthes into the program, progress is apparent. Council meeting attendance has increased, enthusiam is taking root, and a discernable attitude of brotherhood has taken center-stage. The task ahead is to continue to expand our activities and energize our partnerships to reach more of our inactive members.

Spiritual and Formation Developement Events

Date Topic Speaker
05/14/2018 DVD on Fr. McGivney Deacon Wayland Moncrief
04/09/2018 Personal Prayer II Brother Don Rowley
03/12/2018 Divinee Mercy Deacon Wayland Moncrief
02/12/2018 Into the Breach Brother Tom Mellinger
01/08/2018 Winter Retreat: Forgiveness Deacon Wayland Moncrief
12/11/2018 Personal Prayer (Overview) Brother Don Rowley
11/13/2017 Armor of God Deacon Dennis Avery
10/08/2017 Here and There Deacon Dennis Egan
09/11/2017 Men of God, Men of Prayer Robert Maekawa