Knights Council #8386
Special Interest Group: Woodworking


Closeup of Table Base
Artist: Unknown 1

Project: Altar Furnishing for Indian Missions

Deacon Jim Trant (Director of the Diaconate), who carries a portable altar in his car for services at four Indian Missions, has asked if our Knights Woodworking Group could build altar furnishing foe each mission: altar, credence table, chairs, etc. As soon as we recxeive specifications (styles and sizes) I will draw the plans on my CAD program and the Knights Woodworking Group can review them.

Then we can divide the project among the members of our group. I have asked Deacon Dennis Egan to join us, even though he is not a Knight, because of his skills. Larry Battin and Doug Becker are also excellent woodworkers who can help guide the project. I, also, have access to other experts at Yavapai College for advice.. Once I get the specifications the Knights Woodworking Group can meet and discuss the hows and whys. We will need to provide a cost estimate. Funding the project remains an issue which the Knights Woodworking Group may address as well.