Excerpts Revised From:

The Life of Mary
as Seen by the Mystics

Compiled by: Raphael Brown


During the nine days before Pentecost, the Blessed Mother lead an exalted retreat in the Cenacle with the Apostles. During that time she prepared them for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Each day during the Novena, under Mary's guidance, the Apostles united in heart, soul, and mind. And, as they prayed together, their fervor and charity increased exponentially.

In the early morning hours of the Feast of Pentecost, the Blessed Mother urged the Apostles and disciples to pray even more ardently, as their visitation by the Holy Spirit was at hand. And they lovingly did so. Toward dawn, yet before sunrise, a luminous silvery cloud descended from Heaven and covered the entire city of Jerusalem. An enormous mass of Light condensed over the Cenacle and became transparent, like a sun throwing out its flames in all directions. Suddenly, the sound of a violent wind arose, like a cyclone approaching from above, and a tremendous roaring filled the whole house. This disturbance gave way to a display of Light, a soft murmur and a warm, healing breeze. From the cloud appeared rays which inter-crossed seven times in a fiery rainbow and fell like burning drops onto the Cenacle.

At that moment the building, and everything in it, was flooded with a dazzling Light. The Apostles, and especially the Blessed Virgin Mary, seemed to be blazing with a mystical, transparent luminosity. In rapture, they simultaneously raised their heads and opened their mouths. Then into each mouth there fell a jet of Fire, as small tongues of live flame, of varying intensity and color, filled each one with Divine Inspiration. They were filled with grace and endowed with the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Piety, Counsel, Fortitude and Fear.

The eleven were now transformed into true Apostles: purified, enlightened, and strengthened as they would lead others to become faithful Christians.

Almost intoxicated with Joy, Faith, and Courage – Peter and the other Apostles, despite deadly perils everywhere, went out into the city and boldly preached the message of Christ. “And there were added that day about 3,000 souls”. And within seven days, there were 5,000 additional converts in the city of Jerusalem.