Christian Persecution: From the Birth of Christ to the Present

The civilizations of Europe and countries of the Western world have been described by many commentators as now being “Post-Christian.” The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, gave this bleak assessment of Christianity in the United Kingdom: “Christ is being replaced by music, New Age beliefs, the environmental movement, the occult, and the free-market economy.”

In Jesus’ discourse about the signs that would precede His return, three times He told His disciples that numerous false prophets would arise on the world scene, and that they would attract large followings. Paganism is flourishing.1

Suffering Christians, Photograph by Anderson Freire 1

Orange Jumpsuits

Orange Jumpsuits, Photographer: Unknown 2

Although Christian persecution has spread worldwide, including many aposticies and deliberate distortions of the faith, and while these atrocities are shocking, they should not come as a surprise. Our Lord told us that we would be sifted like wheat. And like the virgins waituing for the wedding feast Christians are called, more than ever, to a life of community, prayer and endurance. The good news in these difficult times is that the faithful have become even more devote. State of Religion

Persecuted Christians in the World

Persecuted Christians in the World
Photographer: Unknown 3

Nazi Execution of Priests

Nazi execution of Catholic Priests

Nazi execution of Catholic Priests 4

The Catholic Church in Poland was brutally suppressed by the Nazis during the German Occupation of Poland (1939-1945). Repression of the Church was at its most severe in Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany, where churches were systematically closed and most priests were either killed, imprisoned, or deported. From across Poland, thousands of priests died in prisons and concentration camps; thousands of churches and monasteries were confiscated, closed or destroyed; and priceless works of religious art and sacred objects were lost forever. Church leaders were targeted as part of an overall effort to destroy Polish culture. At least 1811 Polish clergy died in Nazi concentration camps. An estimated 3000 clergy were killed in all. Hitler's plans for the Germanization of the East saw no place for the Christian Churches. 2

Omaba Administration Sues
The Little Sisters of the Poor

Little Sisters of the Poor

Little Sisters of the Poor
Photographer: Unknown 5

DENVER, July 15, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – A federal court ruled Tuesday against an order of Catholic nuns who challenged the HHS Mandate in Barack Obama's health care overhaul because it forces them to violate their religious faith by providing contraception.

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Colorado rejected the claim by the Little Sisters of the Poor that participating in the federal government's contraception delivery scheme makes them complicit, according to a statement from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which defended the Sisters.

Contraception, sterilization, and abortion all violate Catholic Church teaching, but Obamacare requires employers to provide services that result in all three to their employees without a co-pay.3

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals decision was later overturned by the Supreme Court

Kidnapped School girls forced to marry captors

Nigeran Kidnapping

Nigeran Kidnapping
Photographer: Gremiga Olamikan 6