St. Germaine Game Night

After the Saturday Vigil Mass, St. Germaine gathers for pizza, sub-sandwiches, popcorn, and other snacks before playing a variety of games such as Yahtzee, Runnikub, cards, and other games. It's a wonderful chance to get to know other parishioners and enjoy the common bond Christ has formed in us. The comeradie we share lifts the spirits of us all.

This event was originally held to provide a bit of respite for those in grief. However, others wished to attend and the event was opened to all parishioners and guests. This has proven successful in meeting the needs of those in grief and providing a night of fun for the entire parish

The dates of upcoming 'Game Nights' are posted a few weeks prior in the parish bulletin. Email reminders are sent on request. Click the link below for more information, to register your email address, or to RSVP. Game Night is sponsored by The Shepherds of Compassion. RSVPs are rquested.


2018-2019 Schedule

Date Event Time Location
15-Sep-2018 Movie Night 5:30 PM Parish Hall
27-Oct-2018 Gane Night 5:30 PM Parish Hall
17-Nov-2018 Movie Night 5:30 PM Parish Hall
19-Jan-2019 Movie Night 5:30 PM Parish Hall
23-Mar-2019 Game Night 5:30 PM Parish Hall
18-May-2019 Movie Night 5:30 PM Parish Hall