'A Tragic Error'

Supreme Court Decision on Marriage

The U.S. Supreme Court decision interpreting the U.S. Constitution to require all states to license and recognize same-sex “marriage” “is a tragic error that harms the common good and most vulnerable among us,”… Neither decision is rooted in the truth, and as a result, both will eventually fail. said Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz of Louisville, Kentucky, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).3 Court Decision

U.S. Public Becoming Less Religious

Modest drop in overall rates of belief and practice, but religiously affiliated americans are more devout than they were a few years ago.1 Research Results

Religious Affiliation of Millennials

As older cohorts of adults (comprised mainly of self-identified Christians) pass away, they are being replaced by a new cohort of young adults who display far lower levels of attachment to organized religion.2 Research Results

Population - Millennials vs Boomers

- Millennials vs Boomers1

Open Bible

Open Bible2

Religious More Devout

The Pew Research Reoprts shows that those who have a religious affiliation have grown even more devoted to their faith since 2007. Thus the divide between the religious and those who are not religious has grown even wider.4 Research Results

Study & Evangelization

Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses lead the way in Scripture Study and Evangelization. Catholics and Jews lag other faiths.4 Research Results