Fra Angelico

Beatified by Pope John Paul II - Patron of Catholic artists

1575 – 1642

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Self Portrait

Self Portrait detail from
Deposition from the Cross (right)1

The Virgin and Child with Angels

Virgin and Child Enthroned with Twelve Angels2




Mocking of Christ4

St. Dominic Adoring the Crucifixion

St. Dominic
Adoring the Crucifixion5

The Visitation

The Visitation6

Deposition from the Cross

Deposition from the Cross7

The Story of St. Nicholas

The Story of St. Nicholas8

The Annunciation

The Annunciation9

Crucifixion with the Virgin Mary Magdalene and St. Dominic

Crucifixion with the Virgin, Mary Magdalene, and St. Dominic10

Coronation of Mary

Coronation of Mary11

Coronation of Mary

St. Stephen Preaching12

Crucified Christ

Crucified Christ13

The Presenation in the Temple

The Presenation in the Temple14

Coronation of the Virgin

Coronation of the Virgin15

Las Annunciate

Las Annunciate16