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St. Germaine Movie Night

After the Saturday Vigil Mass, St. Germaine gathers for pizza, sub-sandwiches, popcorn, and other snacks and watches a film specificaly chosen to enlighten, educate, and entertain. It's a wonderful chance to get to know other parishioners, and to enjoy the common bond Christ has formed in us.

This event was originally held to provide a bit of respite for those in grief. However, others wished to attend and the event was opened to all parishioners and guests. This has proven successful in meeting the needs of those in grief and providing a night of fun for the entire parish

The movies often have a them of redemption such as in: Captains Courageous, The Third Grader, A Smile as Big as the Moon, The Brothers, Henry Poole Was Here, and The Spitfire Girl. 'Movie Night' has proven to be successful in building our parish community, a comfort to those in grief, and an enjoyable evening for all!

Upcoming Feature Films are posted a few weeks prior in the parish bulletin and on this website. Email reminders are sent on request. Click the link below for more information, to register your email address, or to RSVP. Movie Night is sponsored by The Shepherds of Compassion. RSVPs are rquested.

Current Schedule

Date Event Time Location
21-Sep-2019 Movie Night 5:30 PM Parish Hall
19-Oct-2019 Movie Night 5:30 PM Parish Hall
16-Nov-2019 Movie Night 5:30 PM Parish Hall
18-Jan-2020 Movie Night 5:30 PM Parish Hall
21-Mar-2020 Movie Night 5:30 PM Parish Hall
23-May-2020 Movie Night 5:30 PM Parish Hall

Playing in September

A Rumor of Angels

Lost a Loved one - A Must See !!!

A Transformative View of Death

Joan of Arc

Click on the inage for a larger view.

A Rumor of Angels is a 2000 American film directed by Peter O'Fallon, starring Vanessa Redgrave and Ray Liotta. The story is based upon the 1918 novel Thy Son Liveth: Messages From a Soldier to His Mother by Grace Duffie Boylan. Although the novel tells the story of what a mother learned from her son about death after he dies in a French battlefield during World War I, the movie is set in the latter part of the 20th century.

A twelve-year-old boy James (Trevor Morgan) lives with his father Nathan (Ray Liotta) and stepmother Mary (Catherine McCormack). He lost his mother in a car accident two years earlier. The memories of the accident still haunt him and make him freeze with panic. He has not been able to talk about his feelings about the accident and the death of his mother because his father is always away from home and he does not want to talk to his stepmother.

One day playing an imaginary game behind the house of Maddy Bennet (Vanessa Redgrave), he breaks her fence. Maddy demands that he fix it. Soon the two become good friends. Maddy also lost her son Bobby in 1974 in the Vietnam War. She tells her experiences of losing her son to James. She forces James to talk about his mother and face his fears. She tells him that her son Bobby talks to her.

James's parents do not like the stories Maddy tells James and forbid him from seeing her. James becomes distraught at the "loss" of his friend. Meanwhile, Maddy has a heart attack, and James's parents permit him to nurse her back to health. Soon after her recovery, though, she dies. James becomes reconciled with his father, who now talks to him more, and with his stepmother. - Wikipedia