Website Submissions

In addition to those mentioned in the footnotes, and those unknown, we would like to express our thanks to those listed below who have contributed articles and their ideas toward the development of this website.

Fr. Dan Vollmer Prescott Valley, Arizona
Fr. Larry Baumann Cottonwood, Arizona
Dcn. Robert Palmer Prescott Valley, Arizona
Dcn. John Mickel Prescott Valley, Arizona
Dcn. Dale Avery Prescott Valley, Arizona
Dcn. Dennis Egan Prescott Valley, Arizona
Dcn. Jim Fogle Prescott Valley, Arizona
Dcn. Wayland Moncrief Prescott Valley, Arizona
Christine Antall Prescott Valley, Arizona
Jana Kosco Prescott, Arizona
Tony Miller Las Vegas, Nevada
Don Rowley Prescott Valley, Arizona
Mariann Simatovich Las Vegas, Nevada

We welcome those interested in proof-readers and testing. You may contact us by clicking the envelope in the footer at the bottom of each page.


How to Submit an Article for Publication

We welcome the submission of articles for our website. To submit an article send us the text of the article with source references or submit a link to an article published elsewhere on the internet. To publish the article we may need to contact the author and ask permission. However, we are allowed to quote portions of an article provided that we footnote the author and source.

We, especially, like articles that our readers create from their research.

For example, we are currently looking for articles on:
  • The Apostles
  • The Saints
  • The Popes
  • Doctors of the Church
  • The Psalms
  • Articles on the Faith
  • Catholic Prayers
  • History
  • Current Events
  • Parish and Community Events & Programs
  • Special Interest
  • Articles need to present information or opinions in a fair and cohesive, logical and interesting manner. All articles should be consistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

    To ascertain areas where articles are needed, browse our site and look for areas that match your particular interest. E-mail us your intended topic and we'll gladly guide your submission. This website, because of its sheer volume, will always be a work in progress We hope you enjoy this site and we look forward to your contribution.