St. James, the Lesser: Apostle (Son of Alphaeus)

St. James, the Lesser
Apostle (Son of Alphaeus) by Pompeo Batoni 1

St. James, the Apostle (The Younder)

Son of Alphaeus

Feast Day: May 3rd

Novena: Day 7

St. James, you were known as James the Just. Pray for us that we may have justice — wisdom’s fruit — sown lavishly in our hearts. You grounded your ministry in a strong Jewish theology and spirituality, which recognizes that doing justice is a requirement for receiving God’s abundant mercy. Help us understand the relationship between discipleship and justice, and to celebrate both through righteous works — not to be praised, but as authentic gestures of our new identities in Christ. Teach us the meaning of our call to perfection. Help us ask for wisdom more wisely, and challenge us to put our faith into action.

Pray for me during this novena, especially for …

(mention silently your special intentions).1

Pray:Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be. Amen.



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