The Passion

Everything that Christ suffered and endured in His Passion had specific objectives. Many of the details of His Passion, and the objectives of His sacrifice on the Cross, have been revealed by the mystics - by those chosen by Christ to be His emissaries. Two of the most recent of these are: St. Faustina, who Jesus called, "The Secretary of Divine Mercy", and Luisa Piccarreta, who he called, "The Little Daughter of the Divine Will".

It's important to look at the writings of the mystics to explore in further detail the tremendous acts accomplished by Our Savior: acts which lead and support us in grace, and opened the gates of Heaven for us. In these acts Jesus made reparation for the sins of all mankind. And just as Jesus made reparations for our sins, He calls us to make reparations for our own sins, and the sins of others, by uniting ourselves, and leading others, to a life in His Divine Will.

After Luisa Piccarreta had finished recording the Hours of the Passion, she wrote a letter to Saint Annibale, who translated and published the text, and was Luisa's spiritual director, saying, “… the aim of this work is reparation which is accomplished by placing side by side the different steps of the Passion of Our Lord with the different kinds of sins: in doing so, we make a worthy reparations in union with Jesus, returning to God almost everything that creatures owe to the Divine Justice." 1

“This explains the different ways of reparation presented in these Hours: in some sections we bless, in others we show compassion, in others we praise, in others comfort the suffering Jesus, in others we make amends, in still others we plead, pray, and ask."2

Continuing Luisa relates the words of Jesus, "My ever beloved Jesus, in all Kindness, told me: …The Hours of My Passion, having come forth out of the depths of My Heart, are My Prayers, My Reparations, and the expressions of My Love. Have you perhaps forgotten the many times I united Myself with you to practice this pious exercise, when My Love forced Me to change chastisements into Graces over the whole earth? Indeed, My delight is so great in seeing souls practicing this pious exercise … I give them a bouquet of Love of incalculable price and infinite value. And besides, when a soul does something out of pure charity, My Love finds it's true outlet; and - believe Me - it is not an insignificant moment for God when a creature gives relief and freedom to the Love of her Creator.”3

St. Germaine - Tabernacle Wall and Cross

The Crucifixion
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The Gift of the Divine Will

Jesus said: “To receive the Gift of the Divine Will one needs the desire to receive It, and to decide to no longer give life to one’s own human will. Jesus said “… you do not need paths, nor doors, nor keys to enter into My Divine Will … To enter creatures need but remove the pebble of their own will … A soul has but to desire It and all is done, My Will assumes all the work …””