Luisa Piccarreta

Jesus is Arrested
Artist: Mel Gibson 3

From the Hours of the Passion

Midnight Hour:
Excerpts from Midnight to 1 AM
Jesus is arrested

"My Jesus, it is already midnight. I hear Your enemies approaching. Composing Yourself, drying Your Blood, and feeling strengthened by the comforts You have received, You return to Your disciples. You call them, and admonish them, and taking them with You, You go to meet Your enemies. In this way with Your Promptness, You make reparation for my slowness, unwillingness, and laziness in working and suffering for Your Love."

"But, O what a moving scene I see! My Gentle Love! The first one you meet is the traitor Judas. He draws close to You, throws his arms around Your neck, and greets You with a kiss. And You, Most Ardent Love, do not refuse to kiss those infernal lips. You embrace him and press him to Your Heart. You long to snatch him from Hell, by giving him new signs of Your Love."

My Jesus, how is it possible not to love You? The tenderness of Your Love is so great that it should jerk every heart into loving You - and yet, You are not loved! My Jesus, with this kiss, You make reparation for all the betrayals, pretenses, and deceptions worked under the cloak of friendship and sanctity, especially by consecrated souls. And with this kiss, You ask and obtain pardon for every truly penitent sinner who humbly asks for it…"6