The Year of Worship

Focus on Worship and Parish Life

The Focus on Worship and Parish Life aims to:

  1. Strengthen parish life and worship and creating evangelizing and welcoming parishes;
  2. Strengthen participation in sacramental practice, especially inviting people to rediscover the sacrament of penance and strengthening participation in and understanding of the sacrament of the Eucharist;
  3. Create parishes as welcoming communities including specific outreach to youth and young adults, parents, and people on the move;
  4. Continue the formation of clergy to effectively respond to the challenges of the New Evangelization. [PPF and National Directory revisions; establish annual themes for the ongoing formation of priests and deacons];
  5. Strengthen marriage and family life, and increasing the number of people participating in the Sacrament of Marriage;
  6. Increase understanding of the Mass and attendance at Mass.1
Cathedral Basilica of st-Louis

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis Altar View
(edited: perspecive adjustment)
Photographer Unknown:1