Note: The names of the archangels Barachiel, Jegudiel, Salaphiel, and Uriel are not recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. These names and references to these archangles come from sources not accepted by the Roman Catholic Church or its tradition, such as Gnostic texts. The Roman Catholic Church recognizes the existance of seven archangels as stated in Sacred Scripture, however, Pope Zachary made a ruling accepting only the names Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael at the Council of Rome in 745.

The archangels Barachiel, Jegudiel, Salaphiel, and Uriel are presented for historical interest only. The Eastern Rite Churches recognize these and other archangels in their doctrine. Some state that there are thousands of arcahangels. These however are generally accepted amoung the Eastern Churches although their names vary according to language.

Archangel Salaphiel

Patron of Prayer

Hebrew: "The One who Prays to God"

Archangel Salaphiel is the patron of prayer. He is even depicted so on icons: with eyes gazing downward, with hands crossed on his chest, with an air of humility and deep inner concentration. He is our primary teacher of prayer. Prayer is considered his special attribute, and Christians will seek his help if their prayer is suffering from distractions, inattentiveness, or coldness. In Catholic Tradition, he is depicted as a thurifer.1

Prayer to the Archangel Salaphiel

O Pure and Holy Archangel St. Salaphiel, you bow before the Almighty Lord offering angelic salutations of praise and thanksgiving. Guide us in our prayer. Like you, we would like to unceasingly pray and worship God the right way. May our lives be like incense pleasing to God. While awaiting for the inevitable time of separation from this material world, may we praise the Holy Trinity in the spirit of true love and humility throughout the days of our life in eternity. Obtain for us these favors and present to God the Father all these petitions through Jesus Christ our Lord together with the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.2

Archangel Selaphiel

Archangel Selaphiel
by Father Vladimir1